Starke Ayres Careers: Picker Packer

The following employment opportunity is available for our Factory in our Operations Department based in Kempton Park. The purpose of this role is to ensure that seed received at the Workstation is cleaned and / or packed down in line with company policies and procedures and that cleaned and packed seed is presented for final packing and / or check weighing.

Job Functions
Cleaning,Logistics,Operations,Plant & Workshop,Warehousing

Agriculture,Distribution, Warehousing & Freight,Logistics

Complete relevant areas on Job Card before each seed lot is processed/packed down.
Receive seed lots for processing, packing, and/or check weighing at the relevant workstations.
Check/verify quantities, kinds, varieties, and lot numbers of seed received for processing, packing and/or weighing against the information contained on the relevant job card.
Place processed/treated seed into applicable packaging according to prescribed procedures by hand or by means of operating the relevant equipment.
Accurately weigh / check-weigh containers according to prescribed procedures.
Close and label containers of processed/treated seed according to prescribed procedures.
Stack/pack containers with processed/treated seed according to prescribed procedures.
Assist with the sealing (when applicable) of processed/treated seed lots according to prescribed procedures, once quality results are known.
Complete relevant fields on the Job Card / Checklists before each seed lot is cleaned, treated / or packed down.
Ensure that seed is picked, cleaned, treated, and/or packed down according to prescribed norms and standards.

The successful candidates must have a matric with 2 years’ relevant experience and willing to work extended/ flexible hours when required.

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Job Closing Date 01/07/2021

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