BKB Is Hiring: Cashier- TRAD513

Closing Date 01 March 2022
Location: Ermelo, Mpumalanga

Job Description
Here at BKB, we prefer to do matters differently. We have to, due to the fact the world is changing, and we choose to preserve up.
Our people, not depending on their position, are the ones to do this, We are searching for forwarding thinkers.

Yes, we do run retail stores and carrier stations. And we have them all over the country. We want Cashiers who like to smile and be best to others to run our tills and make our clients sense special.

The cashier is accountable to manner all cash/card transactions precisely and efficaciously in accordance with mounted insurance policies and procedures. The jobholder will play a necessary position in attaining patron pleasure and income increase objectives. Duties and obligations of the cashier will consist of greeting clients when coming into or leaving the store, keeping an easy and tidy checkout area, and retaining reviews of money and card transactions.

Job Requirements:

2-3 years working journey in retail cashier or income environment
Basic PC know-how and familiarity with digital tools (e.g. money register, scanners, cash counters, etc.)
Strong conversation and time administration skills
Customer satisfaction-oriented
Attention to element and mathematical skills
Ability to stand, walk, elevate items, and work with different crew participants in fast-paced surroundings to furnish top-notch service.
Sales skills

Accepting payments, making sure all fees and portions are accurate, and proving a receipt to each customer.
Operating scanners, scales, money registers, and any different electronics.
Keep reviews of transactions
Welcoming customers, answering their questions, supporting them stumble on items, and offering recommendations or recommendations
Resolve all client complaints effectively and effectively.
Greet clients when getting into or leaving establishments
Maintain an easy and tidy workspace
Pleasantly deal with clients to make certain client satisfaction


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