Coca Cola General Workers: Ref No: CCB220202-7

Closing Date: 2022/02/08
Gauteng: Location – Town / City Pretoria

Job Description
The function will be accountable for sorting bottles and crates acquired returned from customers, and/or to make sure that vehicles are cleaned correctly and effectively and/or to make sure fine and environment-friendly waste separation, as required.

Key Duties & Responsibilities
• Correctly sorted bottles and crates, in accordance with KPIs.
• Levelled pallets and crates, in accordance with KPIs.
• Clean trucks, in accordance with KPIs.
• Sorted waste, in accordance with KPIs.
• Clean and tidy working place maintained at all times.
• Safety and housekeeping practices ensured.
• Customer pride ensured.
• Solved situational problems.

Skills, Experience & Education
Qualifications / Experience

• Grade 12 or equal qualification.
• A minimum of 6 months to 1-year experience.

Company insurance policies and procedures:
• Demonstrates a thorough appreciation of the fantastic company’s insurance policies and processes and applies them efficaciously in daily activities.
Customer orientation:
• Strives for non-stop client carrier improvement.
• Takes accountability to resolve client problems.
• Goes the mile for each customer.
• Understands the have an effect on of bad inner client service.
Hand-eye coordination:
• Manipulates objects bodily with the help of one’s limbs and in accordance with the indicators from the central worried system.
Internal actualisation
• Performs duties autonomously.
• Performs a challenge given and persists till completed.

Excellence orientation
• Seeks possibilities for self-improvement.
• Seeks to accomplish quintessential duties with measurable results.
• Encourages small and non-stop improvement.
• Constantly seeks to enhance and decorate ranges of service.
• Strives to gain closing dates and to meet consumer demands.

General: The advert has minimal necessities listed. Management reserves the proper use of extra or applicable data as standards for short-listing.


Policy: We are dedicated to Employment Equity when recruiting internally and externally. It is agency coverage to promote from inside anywhere possible. Therefore, please be conscious that inner candidates will be regarded first earlier than reviewing exterior applicants, furnished that this helps the fulfillment of our Employment Equity goals.

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